Paparazzi for Enterprises

With changing landscape of the digital world and economic market,
Paparazzi can help multiple enterprises through various benefits provided by technological and service features.

Advertising with Paparazzi

Paparazzi provides advertisement tools based on blockchain technology. By implementing smart contracts to advertisement, enterprises can enjoy transparent advertisement data.

{"en":"Advertising with Paparazzi","kr":"파파라치 기반의 광고","cn":"基于PAPARAZZI的广告"}

Decentralized Interactions

Enterprises can interact with different users on the Paparazzi platform to conduct customized, user-centric advertisement campaigns. For instance, utilize tokens to have bounty and referral campaigns for your brand or product.

{"en":"Decentralized Interactions","kr":"탈 중앙화된 상호작용","cn":"脱离中央化的相互作用"}

Enterprise Level Support

For enterprises to utilize Paparazzi application and grow within the ecosystem, high level of technical support is needed from all aspects. Our team is preparing technical documentation and business tools for enterprises.

{"en":"Enterprise Level Support","kr":"기업용 최첨단 기술 지원","cn":"提供企业用尖端 技术 援助"}

Join as a pilot partner

Paparazzi is preparing for a beta-release of the application.
Apply to become a pilot partner and receive rewards.

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