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A new photo-centric commercial industry based
on a user-centric platform is possible at people's fingertips

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What is PAZZI?

Paparazzi is a photo-centric blockchain-based platform to provide a seamless process of capturing, sharing, and trading a graphic memory.

Within seconds, people can capture the moment they are in and share it with friends and families across the borders. These personal moments are not limited to an individual entity. For instance, travel guides, photographs, and artworks are all commercial merchandise.

  • User-friendly

  • Storage and
    sharing photos

  • Simple and
    easy earnings



  1. Paparazzi Application

    • P2P Messaging
    • Photo Sharing / Wall
    • E-Commerce
  2. Paparazzi Services

    • PAZZI Token
    • User Indexing
  3. IPFS + Blockchain

    • IPFS (File Storing) + AXIS (Blockchain)

Proof Of Copyright

Blockchain is an immutable P2P network that maintains a record of transactions within the platform. As photos are saved onto the blockchain, photographers can prove their content ownership and prevent illegal distribution of their photos.


Most blockchain-based projects have poor usability. Thus, our team has prioritized usability. For instance, users can easily sign up using their favorite social applications such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

Complete content ownership

Each user on the platform has a complete content ownership which allows them to have multiple streams of revenue.

Paparazzi builds a visual-centric ecosystem.
B2B, B2C, C2C interactions are made based on visual content

  • Enterprises

    As a blockchain-based application, enterprises will have access to immutable, transparent user data when interacting with Paparazzi. Not only will enterprises have technological support to create their own third-party applications, but also interact directly with creators on the platform for further business opportunity.

  • For Creators

    Creators on Paparazzi have access to decentralized economy powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Creators can enjoy the variety of services provided on the platform but also enjoy the decentralized marketplace to showcase their products, images, or services.

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Blockchain is an immutable P2P network that maintains a record of transactions within the platform. On Paparazzi platform, photos are saved onto the blockchain, photographers can prove their content ownership and prevent illegal distribution of their photos.

Powered By Mining Mouse

PAPARAZZI utilizes IPFS technology and native blockchain to power the application.



From purchasing your favorite product to reserving your next travel, Paparazzi provides a photo-centric commercial service.


Subscribe to your favorite creators for exclusive contents. Use PAZZI tokens to pay for your subscription.


Preparing for a new product launch or photography journey? Find your investors through Paparazzi crowdfunding platform.

Crypto Wallet

Store your favorite cryptocurrencies, PAZZI, BTC, XRP, ETH and more on a secure, blockchain-based mobile wallet.


Our universal mileage / payment system implemented in the application. Stay tuned for further updates.


Enjoy a personalized marketplace as a creator. Sell your photos or products directly from your personal page.


2019 Q4

  • Market Research
  • Tokenomics Design
  • Platform Design

2020 Q1

  • Blockchain Development
  • Application Development (Web & Android)

2020 Q2

  • IEO & Exchange Listing

2020 Q3

  • Passport Wallet Launch
  • Global Community Program Launch

2020 Q4

  • Mainnet Release
  • Global Service Launch

PAZZI Token Explained

  • P2P Payments

    With instant transaction settlements, the Paparazzi token is used for cross-border payments between users

  • Trading Rights

    To utilize the commercial functions of the Paparazzi platform, users need to stake PAZZI tokens to gain trading rights

  • Content Mining

    Our platform is user-centric. Thus, we have built a blockchain-based reward system for content contribution

  • Exchange

    PAZZI token will be used as an exchanging tool within our universal mileage system PASSPORT.

PAZZI Token Explained


Sungmin Yoon

Sungmin Yoon


CEO, Netmarble IGS Europe
Director, Netmarble, Inc.

Taehyeon Kim

Taehyeon Kim


Adjunct Professor, Kyungnam college
Google Developers Groups

Jongkwan Lim

Jongkwan Lim


Director, Smilegate, Inc.
CEO, Rhymus, Inc.

Lina Jang

Lina Jang


Marketing Manager, WeShow
Director, EduShare
UC Berkeley


Byungki Kim

Byungki Kim

Advisor at Oriente
Advisor at Skype
Founder & CEO at ZIO Interactive

Donghyeok Yun

Donghyeok Yun

KMA Professor
Sumimoto Mitsui Bank
Standard Chartered Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes for user compatibility, Pazzi uses the ERC-20 token standard for all economic transactions within the ecosystem. However, we use our native blockchain to power the application.

You can trade PAZZI through cryptocurrency exchanges. Consistently check out our social channels for listing updates.

Our team is preparing for beta service launch by third quarter of 2020.

Using IPFS blockchain, PAZZI stores and records all photo uploads on the blockchain.

We are projecting for third quarter release for PAZZI’s native blockchain.

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